Warehouse Jobs

Do you want to work for a fast-paced, family owned company and make your dog happy too? Apply to Hollywood Feed, and your dog will get FREE food every month! Plus, if you’re full time, you’ll get lots of perks like paid vacation, full benefits, and education opportunities. Apply now!

As a Hollywood Feed Warehouse Employee, requirements can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Where permitted by applicable law, must have received or be willing to receive at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by date of hire to be considered for job.
  • Physically able to stand/walk for 8-10 hour work days.
  • Physically able to lift 60 Lbs. repeatedly for 8-10 hour work days.
  • Physically able to bend, kneel, push, pull, reach, and twist multiple times a day.
  • Physically able to enter and exit electric floor runners continuously throughout the day.
  • Physically able to work in both extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Physically able to climb ladders to retrieve and put up product.
  • Communicate openly and respectfully with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Expected to have open availability and weekend availability (Unless other terms are agreed upon at time of hire).
  • Required to log into training and communications platform once during each shift for company policy updates and more; must complete assigned trainings; must fill out incident reports in training and communications platform when required.
  • Must adhere to Hollywood Feed Employee Handbook, Hollywood Feed Warehouse Manual and established training standards.
  • Must maintain ALL equipment issued to them and any equipment used by them that is owned by Hollywood Feed. This includes but is not limited to Janams, Voice Picking Units, Forklifts, and Electric Runners. Maintenance, rules, and duties may include:
    • Keeping equipment on the premises and placing equipment in assigned locker, charger, or area at the end of each shift.
    • Reporting loss, theft, or damage to a direct supervisor.
    • Daily upkeep as required for that piece of equipment.
    • Do not place identifying tags, names, or words on any piece of equipment.
  • If picking, effectively use voice management system:
    • How to effectively pick an order through to completion.
    • How and when to break
    • Must meet or exceed provided standard for units picked per hour. This standard is subject to change at supervisor’s discretion and will be provided to the employee if and when standards have changed.
      • DCF: 400 Units Per Hour
      • SWH: 125 Units Per Hour  
    • Must not exceed provided standard for idle time. This standard is subject to change at supervisor’s discretion and will be provided to the employee if and when standards have changed.
      • Idle Time: Maximum of 1.5 hours per work day

Full time employees are eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Paid Sick Time
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • 401K (including company match up to 4%)
  • Cleaners start at $17
  • Hourly Warehouse associate positions start at $18
  • Performance based picking positions can earn over $20 per hour plus bonuses

We do more than just sell dog food!

Hollywood Feed believes in doing what’s right for our Feed Team members, and that’s reflected in the opportunities we always aim to provide.

EDUCATION – Further education can mean additional opportunities. Whether it’s becoming a certified fork lift driver or obtaining your CDL, Hollywood Feed could potentially support and even pay for your training.

  • Organize and stack picked orders on pallets in assigned manner.
  • Operate individually or as a part of a team.
  • Pick orders using voice management system.
  • Enter and exit electric floor runners continuously throughout the day.
  • Receiving product into inventory.
  • Loading picked orders to ship to stores.
  • Helping keep debris off warehouse floor, i.e. damaged bags, dog food, boxes, and empty pallets.
  • Replenishing stock to ensure orders are properly picked.
  • Help with inventory control.

One of the best benefits of working for Hollywood Feed is that you get perks for your dogs and cats too! As a Hollywood Feed employee, you can spoil your pets without ruining your budget!

  • Employee Discount – This is one of the best in the pet industry. We want our employees to be able to recommend products they have tried with their pets themselves. That’s why we make it super affordable to buy any of the thousands of products we carry.
  • Free Monthly Pet Food – We work with some awesome pet food brands. They offer free food every month to any employee who wants to feed it to their pets. What’s better than free food?
  • Pawp Pet Insurance – All Hollywood Feed employees have access to 24/7 vet tele-health and a $3,000 emergency fund to protect your pets! This plan covers up to 6 pets and is FREE to you as an employee benefit.